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We are being called to rise.  I am here to assist the healers on Gaia, helping them to flow in greater ease and grace forward on their path. 

My role...

During this phase of awakening, my role is to assist the healers move through, transcend, and birth new possibilities in their lives and practices. My goal is to see you thrive, strive for greatness, and transcend old beliefs, contracts, and paradigms.

  • I work within the quantum realm using a multi-faceted toolbox to (re)move blocks, energies, and technologies so that signals from your companions in the unseen become re-established, fortified, and strengthened. 

  • You will learn to establish your own toolbox to clean out the muck which no longer serves your highest good.

  • I provide channeled, personalized guidance on clearing out your pathways and illuminating the path before you.

  • You will be able to connect the dots, gaining clarity on choosing between optional paths.

Our work together clears the way for you to forge ahead with clarity, sovereignty of your soul self, and your connection to Source as well as with a greater sense of being held by those in the unseen (because you are so held!)

If you've arrived on this website, you are already aware of the immensity of change and awakening on the Earth, including the evolution of the original blueprint of our soul's body suits.


Many of us have been called to assist others to find their spiritual footing, allowing them to navigate new, unknown areas for their soul growth and mission. Recently, we have also been called to pause our efforts and take time to reassess. This pause is coming to an end and we are entering a time where stagnancy has no place on the continuum of evolution for humanity and our companion Gaia.


Some samplings of offerings I hold within my toolbox:

  • Akashic Record explorations (and healings)

  • Channeled messages and insights

  • Connections to ancestors

  • Contract/vow/agreement clarifications and/or finalizations

  • Energetic balancing of bio-fields

  • Energetic clearings

  • Evolutionary Blueprint Download and Activation

  • Language of Light during sessions for healing and/or downloads

  • Oracle card or runes for guidance and clarification

  • Outsider (parasitic, domination, oppression) removal

  • Shamanic tools such as plant/animal medicine, connection to land, journey on behalf of client

  • Soul healings including soul retrievals for re-integration or moving to healing space for transformation

  • Strong Intuitive Abilities

  • TAG (triangulation of angelic grids) work

You are supported. It may take a variety of modalities to reach where you want to be. Here are resources to contact for help: - 


Blue Skies


Bree B

Audrey is a fantastic healer and wonderful, professional person and teacher. I go to her for everything from reiki to ackoshic record readings, to cord cutting services and each time she taps in so deeply I can really feel the shifts in my energy. All her work is done with the utmost love, respect, and care. Her divine energy is something that should be experienced by all, and I recommend her to everyone I know. I'm happy to be a client, student, and a friend.

Debbie Louise

I had a Theta Healing session with Audrey, wow…I went in with one thing that had been bothering me, found that it went all the way back to soul. Without Audrey’s help in removing these blocks I would never have gotten to the bottom of it! Thank you!

Susan Therese

I have had the great pleasure to work and connect with Audrey over the past few months. The many gifts in her toolbox allowed us to go deep into the spiral of events that led me to her. Audrey’s toolbox is vast her wisdom, grace and intuition reach beyond the blocks, patterns and ancestral ties that keep us from living our authentic lives.  Audrey’s intuitive skills and ability to navigate the different aspects of one journey left me feeling safe and confident that I was returning back to the path ahead. Working with Audrey I found a deep resonance of connection and understanding of what was occurring and how deep the layers were. We journey through the Akashic records through the shamanic pathways to bring clarity and resolution that allowed healing and transformation into my world.



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