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We are being called to rise.  I am here to assist the healers on Gaia, helping them to flow in greater ease and grace forward on their path. 

My role...

During this phase of awakening, my role is to assist the healers move through, transcend, and birth new possibilities in their lives and practices. My goal is to see you thrive, strive for greatness, and transcend old beliefs, contracts, and paradigms.

  • I work within the quantum realm using a multi-faceted toolbox to (re)move blocks, energies, and technologies so that signals from your companions in the unseen become re-established, fortified, and strengthened. 

  • You will learn to establish your own toolbox to clean out the muck which no longer serves your highest good.

  • I provide channeled, personalized guidance on clearing out your pathways and illuminating the path before you.

  • You will be able to connect the dots, gaining clarity on choosing between optional paths.

Our work together clears the way for you to forge ahead with clarity, sovereignty of your soul self, and your connection to Source as well as with a greater sense of being held by those in the unseen (because you are so held!)